Gotta love spring time allergies!

After a long and cold winter, I suspect that most people are looking forward to the snow melting, flowers blooming and grass turning green - that is unless you are an allergy sufferer!

It is estimated that 30% of the general population will experience allergies - nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy/ watery eyes and even more serious problems like asthma and chronic sinus disease.

The most effective management option - but often least practical- is avoidance. If you can avoid what you're allergic too, you won't react. Unfortunately for most people this is not realistic. 

Physicians often prescribe nasal steroids to reduce the nasal symptoms that come with allergies. Nasal steroids are safe and effective for both short and long term use. Using a nasal rinse before the steroids will help to clear the nasal cavity of dried mucous, crusts, irritants and allergens and help them to work better. Often, a nasal rinse alone, will provide sufficient relief that people can avoid nasal steroids all together!

Through my career I have seen thousands of patients improve their nasal health and minimize the need for steroids, antibiotics and even surgery just by using a nasal rinse. That's why I developed Rhinoclear Rhinorinse to keep people health, breathe clear and live clear of nasal and sinus disease!

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  • Wendy Lapainis

    I LOVE these products. It was such an inconvenience making sure I had boiled water on hand cooled twice a day! My netipot and neti-bottles never seemed to do the trick. I would have to use copious amounts of water to clear my passages resulting in waterlogged ears! The prepackaged salt mixtures really dried out my nasal passages leaving them feeling constantly irritated! I am on my second case of Rhinoclear and on my second rinse bottle. The bottle is PERFECTLY designed giving the perfect stream of water into my nasal passages for optimum cleansing. The bonus is that it is so effective, less rinse is required and as a result, my passages are clearer than ever before and my ears are no longer constantly water-logged!! The Rhinoclear is perfectly formulated! My nasal passages are no longer irritated and dry. It’s been a WIN WIN for me, convenient, easy to use with the best results I have every had! Thank you for making such fabulous products that make such a tedious daily task efficient and effective! If you have sinus issues and allergies like I do, give these products a try! You’ll be happy you did!

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