Improving compliance with convenience

Over the course of my career, I have literally written tens of thousands of prescriptions for medications to be added into a nasal rinse. Not only does using a nasal rinse get the medications deeper into the sinus cavities (as like an aerosol nasal mist, nasal steroids sprays rarely get beyond the front of the nose) but is takes a step out of treatment - no need to use a spray and a rinse. This approach has helped keep countless people out of the operating room, improving control of their nasal and sinus disease and symptoms.

Most commonly, doctors will prescribe a corticosteroid into the nasal rinse to reduce inflammation. A study that completed at the University of Calgary showed that even with high dose steroids given twice daily for over a year showed that there was no absorption beyond the nose without further systemic effects - safety is always a major concern with patients given steroids!

Antibiotics can also be prescribed and are an effective way of treating infections in the sinus cavities - especially after surgery - without systemic effects and risk of complications.

With traditional nasal rinse systems where mixing of the nasal rinse is required, there is always the risk of contamination from the water source negating the benefits of the medications!

To reduce the risk of contamination, increase convenience and therefore compliance, we have partnered with Chief Pharmacy (and are looking for other pharmacies to partner with!) to add medications into Rhinorinse! We use evidence based guidelines to ensure that medications are dosed appropriately and provide the greatest benefit!

So if you are someone that adds medications to your nasal rinse or a physician that prescribes nasal rinse preparations, improve your patients compliance with medications added directly to Rhinorinse!

Visit for more information or ask your doctor!

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