It's about breathing clear!

Breathe clear - Live clear.

This is the slogan I created for Rhinoclear when I started this company.

When not "breathe better, live better? Well, a lot of things will help you to breathe better. Decongestants, for example, are hard to beat. Surgery? Definitely, along with countless other medications.

So why "Breathe clear"? 

For me, breathing clear means that we are breathing without even thinking about it. Imagine you're breathing when you are standing on the edge of a pristine lake, beach or mountain top and breathing clean, crisp and clear air and knowing you are alive. Breathing free of pollutants, smoke, dust, allergens - basically anything that we encounter in our daily lives.

That's why breathing clear is so important to me and the patients I treat. I want my patients to forget about their nasal and sinus issues and breathe free and clear, getting through their days without being bothered with congestion, not worried about blowing their nose and just living clear!

Are you ready to breathe clear and live clear of your nasal and sinus problems? Do you want a convenient, effective and safe way to use a nasal rinse without the inconvenience of using boiled/ cooled or distilled water? Do you want a comfortable rinse without a drowning sensation or ear plugging experienced with other nasal rinse products? Do you want to breathe clear? Then visit and start living clear!

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