Make every breathe count with a nasal rinse

The average human being takes about 20,000 breathes per day and our nose and sinuses are one of the greatest air filters every invented protecting our respiratory system from dust, smoke, pollen, pollution and the countless viruses, bacteria and fungi that we are exposed to every day.

Imagine if you never washed your hands or brushed your teeth. It would be pretty disgusting to say the least (some people think it's gross but it snot.....). With each breathe that we take in through our nose, everything that is in the air around us enters our body. Thankfully, our nose and our sinuses make mucous that traps the majority of the evil humours before it can get into our lungs. Most of the time we then swallow the mucous or blow it out.

Despite our bodies ability to clean the air we breathe, sometimes our nose and sinuses need a little help and that is where a nasal rinse can be helpful. Nasal rinses work to remove the dried mucous, irritants, debris and toxins from the nasal passages, helping our nose and sinuses to work normally. If there is too much build up, we can become prone to infections, cause nasal congestion, allergies and alter our sense of smell and taste. In the worst case scenario, people can develop chronic inflammation in the nose and sinuses (chronic rhinosinusitis) - which may be associated with asthma - and require long term courses of medications and the potential for surgery - really a life long condition that greatly affects our quality of life!

Think of how nice it feels to breathe clearly through your nose. Now think of the times you have been congested, plugged up and stuffy - maybe someone said you sound like you have a cold. Now isn't it nicer to be able to breathe clearly? To not be bothered by nasal congestion? To be able to smell and taste amazing food and maybe more importantly smell smoke or spoiled food before it is too late?

I created Rhinoclear Rhinorinse to provide people with a convenient and effective nasal care solution to keep their nose and sinuses healthy and have seen the positive benefit that using a nasal rinse can provide - helping people to breathe clearly, free of nasal and sinus disease, free of colds and allergies, sleeping better and really enjoying life with our the burden of chronic nasal and sinus congestion. Because truly if you breathe clear, you will live clear!

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