New rinse bottle design and tip on the way!

As I am always striving to improve the care I provide to patients and the quality and effectiveness of Rhinoclear, after several months of use and feedback from patients and customers, I am pleased to announce that the rinse bottle and tip have been modified to improve its function!

The tip of the spout has been made 20% larger to improve the seal on the nostril (I too noticed some excess flow back when rinsing) and half of the grooves have been removed to improve the bottles ability to "spring back" after being squeezed. Even after a few uses I have noticed that the rinse flows better through the nose and empties even better than before!

For those of you adding medications like Pulmicort (Budesonide) to your nasal rinse, I am happy to report that insurance companies (like Blue Cross) have been providing coverage for both the medication AND rinse!

Currently in the works is a rinse with a moisturizer added right in and we expect to have available by winter to offer even more relief for dry, crusty noses!

We also expect to be listed on McKesson Wholesale in the very near future and this will increase the number of pharmacies carrying Rhinorinse from coast to coast!

Stay tuned for "Case of the Week" where I will post on interesting cases form my clinic practice!


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