No cure for chronic sinusitis- but there is relief!

Many of the people that I see in my office are surprised when I tell them that there is no cure for chronic sinusitis. The word "chronic" means just that - it's never going away!

Chronic rhinosinusitis is a term to describe a condition that affects upwards of 15-20% of the general population and is a chronic inflammatory condition which involves the lining of the nose and sinuses. Once the tissue becomes inflamed, people experience nasal congestion, thick and often coloured nasal mucous and reduced or loss of sense of smell. People will often describe facial pressure or congestion (which has many causes) that is often related to poor, non-restorative sleep caused by poor nasal breathing. There are many causes for this condition including allergies, environmental exposures, genetics, etc but the most likely cause is an abnormal immune response (imagine that your body fighting a bad bug and it doesn't stop fighting once the bug is gone!). Think of it as the cold that never goes away!

People that I see in my office have often tried a multitude of treatments including nasal rinses, nasal and oral steroids, copious amounts of antibiotics and surgery (often more than once) to treat their nasal and sinus problems. Many just want to breathe better, smell better (food that is!), but often many just want to feel better - back to "normal" as many people describe.

The most helpful and often under used treatment is to use a nasal rinse to remove dried mucous, irritants and help clear the nasal passages. Once the nasal passages are clear, people will breathe better and thus feel better, and it will allow medications like nasal steroid sprays, to better reach the inflamed nasal tissue and work better! With time, the inflammation will be less and people can often use less medication to keep their sinuses clear.

I created Rhinoclear Rhinorinse to make using a nasal rinse safe, effective and convenient- creating a solution that is better for your nose and sinuses than what was available, didn't require mixing and was safe from contamination. An added bonus is being able to add medications to the Rhinorinse to further help treat sinusitis!

Ask your pharmacist or feel free to email us if you have any further questions!

Breathe clear - live clear!


Dr. Brad - July 2019

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