Not your average nasal rinse bottle

"Oh, so you invented another nasal rinse bottle?"

A question I have heard many times over the past few years as I have worked to develop Rhinoclear. And yes it is another nasal rinse bottle, but after a decade of clinical practice and telling tens of thousands of people to use a nasal rinse, I truly believe that there needed to be a different nasal rinse bottle to help my patients.

After years of telling people to use a nasal rinse and listening to why people didn't like using them, several themes continued to arise. First, the rinses are uncomfortable. The current volume of most rinses is 240 mLs and for the most part, people find that to be too much solution leading to the feeling of drowning or being water-boarded and causing plugged ears. Despite the large volume, the second thing I saw is that the rinses don't get to where they are needed - mainly in the upper or frontal sinuses - and so weren't overly effective at treating sinus disease. Third, the bottles didn't completely empty, leading to wasted solution - maybe not a big deal if you are just using salt water, but if you add in medication, you're throwing your money and medications down the drain. Fourth, current bottles are prone to contamination which can lead to further infection (shown in several studies from around the world including a study from the University of Calgary!).

I wanted to design a bottle that was different than what was currently available and so have set out to create the Rhinoclear Nasal Rinse Bottle (I am honestly open to a better, more catchy name so please let me know if you have any ideas!).

Benefits of our patented nasal rinse bottle include:

1. The inverted design allows for complete emptying minimizing wasted solution

2. The applicator spout has been designed to direct the solution into the sinus cavities with almost no problems with ear plugging or drowning sensation

3. The finger grooves make it easier to hold and use (although I am finding it easier to squeeze the flat sides of the bottle with the grooves in the middle part of the hand)

4. The plastic of our bottle is resistant to bacteria, reducing the risk of contamination

5. The larger opening makes the bottle much easier to fill and clean.

The most common benefit that people find with Rhinoclear is the convenience of the pre-made solution (along with how nice it feels in the nose!) as well as how an exceptional rinse can be had with a lower volume of rinse solution compared to other available systems with 240 mLs. Many times people have told me that they feel like their old nasal rinse bottles "weren't even getting to my sinuses!"

And yet, as good as our bottle is, no system is perfect and I am always open to improving how the bottle functions so that everyone can feel how nice it is to breathe clear!

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