One year old and growing

Happy birthday Rhinoclear!

Now that Rhinoclear has reached a one year anniversary for beginning sales, I like to sit back and think about where we have come from and where we are going.

1. Always looking to improve!

First and foremost, like I have done in my medical practice over the past 12 years, I am always looking to improve the service and product that we are offering. In the last few months, we have added a new nasal rinse bottle with a 20% larger tip to help better seal the nostril and reduce back flow . I personally like it for larger noses (myself included) although several people continue to use the original bottle as they like to be able to move it around inside their nostrils. My advice is to try both and see which you prefer.

2. Convenience is preferred

It is hard to beat the convenience of Rhinorinse and with no mixing required, no need to buy distilled water or boil/ cool water, rinses can be completed in less than 30 seconds each day (my record from the time I filled the rinse bottle to completion of use was 22 seconds!). Many of my patients keep a bag of rinse at their office and take it for travelling (Several bags of Rhinorinse have made it to the Mediterranean and Middle East!).

With the ability to add compounded medications (ie. steroids and antibiotics) into the rinse, convenience of use has resulted in a significant increase in compliance and improvement of symptoms for many patients.

3. Easier to clean the nose following surgery

From a clinical standpoint, many people experience crusting in their sinus cavities after sinus surgery. Although there is still crusting with the use of Rhinorinse, it is much softer and easier to clean out than rinses I have used in the past 12 years of my career.

4. Greater reach is coming soon

The biggest hinderance to growth we have had so far is the lack of a wholesale list with McKesson Wholesale (who essentially supplies the vast majority of pharmacies in Canada). That process is FINALLY complete and in the next few weeks, pharmacies across Canada will be able to order Rhinorinse easily!

With greater reach will come greater production and in the new year, we will have our high speed filling machine up and running allowing for greater production levels! This will lead to higher new people and boosting the Alberta economy!

5. More moisture on the way

We are currently working on adding a moisturizing agent to the nasal rinse and from early feedback, it looks very promising!

6. Headed to the USA!

We are in the process of obtaining our FDA approval for sales and expect to be selling in several major centres across the USA in the first quarter of 2020. Our biggest push will be compounding pharmacies to start as the benefits of having medications added into the nasal rinse are massive (convenience, compliance and effectiveness!)


The next year is going to be a busy one but as always, if you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to contact me directly at!


Breathe Clear!


Brad Mechor MD 


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