Using (some of) the cleanest water in the world!

In a 36 patient study in my practice, we found a significant preference to our solution because of its convenience, with many patients describing it as more soothing and with a longer lasting effect than what is currently available. Many users also liked the fact that they can use a lower volume of rinse to gain benefit making it far more comfortable to use.

To bring these products to market, I have been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with 3 people -who met creating a similar partnership. Paul Tulan of Chief Medical Supplies (the largest producer of dialysis solution in Canada) and Dr. Merle and Barb Olson of Chief and creators of Alberta Vet Labs- the second largest producer of veterinary pharmaceuticals in Canada.

This partnership provides expertise in bringing new products to market and has tremendous manufacturing infrastructure already in place which will allow us to develop a very high quality of nasal rinse at levels above industry standard for production of a natural health product.

Our bottle will be produced in Airdrie, Alberta at Alberta Injection Molding, an amazing company with an outstanding track record in the plastics manufacturing space.

Our main approach to market will be developing online sales with subscription service along with home delivery to ensure that people have a constant and fresh supply of nasal rinse. This will allow us to keep our costs fair and avoid the price elevation that comes with big chain pharmacies.

We are also in the process of developing a nasal rinse pharmacy that will offer medications already mixed into the nasal rinse (for example, many people will add steroids like Budesonide - also known as Pulmicort - or antibiotics for treating nasal and sinus conditions). We will work with select compounding pharmacies across Canada to offer this treatment.

I see Rhinorinse offers both therapeutic and preventative health benefits that I feel everyone should use every day for improving their nasal and sinus health - like mouthwash for the nose- important for preventing and treating colds, allergies and asthma and helping those exposed to dust, smoke and pollution, for those living in dry climates and for those recovering from nasal and sinus surgery and in the last year, there were 500,000 sinus surgeries performed in the USA alone.

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