Rinse Contamination Issues Resolved

Dear friends,

Over the past few months, we have had complaints of finding of contaminants in the some bags of nasal rinse. This has been very distressing for many and I am personally appalled that this has happened.

We have determined that the contamination is a result of a fungus coming from the bags. This is a ubiquitous fungus and non-harmful (I am relieved of this as I found it in a bag of rinse that I have used!).

In order to combat this finding and prevent further issues we have done the following:

1. we have sourced a new rinse pouch supplier 

2. have added a natural preservative to the rinse with both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties


If you have purchased rinse from Rhinoclear with an expiration date of June 2022 (JUN22 on label) please do not use this rinse. We will replace any unopened/ unused bags of rinse at no cost to you. Please contact orders@rhinoclear.com to arrange.

I apologize deeply for any grief that this has caused to anyone and we will work hard to regain your trust!


Brad Mechor MD


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