Are you still mixing your nasal rinse?

Our nose and sinuses are the first line of defence for our respiratory system protecting us from dust, smoke, allergens, pollution and countless viruses, bacteria and fungi that people all over the world are exposed to everyday. And because of these exposures , which enters our body through the nose, chronic nasal and sinus disease is one of the most common inflammatory conditions in the world affecting approximately upwards of 15-20% of the population.

Each day, I ask myself how can I make the rinses more convenient, more effective and have people do them every day. So why are current nasal rinses not ideal? Listening to the feedback from patients over my career asking people why they don’t use a nasal rinse, along with clinical research I have worked and published on, several concerns have continuously arisen:

  1. Rinses are inconvenient. You need to have clean water to mix your rinse and many people don’t have the patience to boil water, let it cool down and then use it or be bothered to buy distilled water… So most just use tap water, which can lead to serious infection.
    Several studies have looked at the importance of using a clean water for mixing the nasal rinse especially in areas where the local water is not treated appropriately. Contamination can also occur through our homes taps and water lines.
  2. Many people find the rinses uncomfortable. Current rinse bottles have a fixed volume of 240 ml which for the most part is too much solution which gives many people the feeling of drowning or being water boarded and causing the ears to feel plugged and full. People also find that using too much rinse can dry out their nasal cavities passages and making their symptoms worse.
  3. The feeling of drowning and plugged ears may be the main reason people don’t rinse their nose in my practice so overcoming this is a major hurdle.
  4. Aerosol sprays and the classic Netipot are somewhat ineffective at reaching the sinus openings and really do little beyond moistening the front of the nose. The aerosol sprays really do not have enough volume to reach the sinus openings and the high volume rinses may not get high enough in the sinus cavities for tremendous benefit - despite the fact that many people feel like they are drowning when using them!
  5. Nasal rinse bottles are prone to contamination. A study that we completed at the University of Calgary, along with several other studies, have shown that current rinses bottles are also prone to contamination and can lead to further infection potentially making people worse! And because the bottles don’t completely empty, solution is wasted, which can be quite expensive if medications are added in.

Unlike products on the market that are inconvenient to mix and can lead to further infection, drying and irritation, Rhino Rinse offers a pre-made, Health Canada approved and clinically proven effective nasal care solution and ergonomically designed rinse bottle to reduce both waste and contamination.

Rhinorinse, which has a composition similar to sea water and our bodies plasma, has been shown in multiple clinical studies to be more effective and superior to the rinses currently available. These studies have shown then benefit of a sea-water like solution vs normal saline which currently available nasal rinse systems use for their rinse. And, because our solution is pre-made, people can choose any volume of solution that they want to use for their rinses therefore making it more convenient and comfortable to use, along with essentially eliminating risk of contamination with mixing the rinse.

Our rinse bottle has an inverted design to allow for complete emptying and is made of a bacterial resistant plastic to reduce risk of contamination and infection. And, because our solution is pre-made, people can choose any volume of solution that they want to use for their rinses therefore making it more convenient and comfortable to use.

One of the other benefits that we’ve found in early use is that it doesn’t plug your ears making it more comfortable to use! The design of our bottle directs the solution upward to the main drainage area of the sinuses reducing the amount of solution directed towards the back of the nose and opening of the Eustachian tube. This helps to reduce ear plugging and we believe provide better penetration into the sinus openings.

Certainly if you breathe clear, you will live clear!

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