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It's about breathing clear!

Breathe clear - Live clear. This is the slogan I created for Rhinoclear when I started this company. When not "breathe better, live better? Well, a lot of things will help you to breathe better. Decongestants, for example, are hard to beat. Surgery? Definitely, along with countless other medications. So why "Breathe clear"?  For me, breathing clear means that we are breathing without even thinking about it. Imagine you're breathing when you are standing on the edge of a pristine lake, beach or mountain top and breathing clean, crisp and clear air and knowing you are alive. Breathing free of pollutants, smoke, dust, allergens - basically anything that we encounter in our daily lives. That's why breathing clear is so...

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Using (some of) the cleanest water in the world!

In a 36 patient study in my practice, we found a significant preference to our solution because of its convenience, with many patients describing it as more soothing and with a longer lasting effect than what is currently available. Many users also liked the fact that they can use a lower volume of rinse to gain benefit making it far more comfortable to use.To bring these products to market, I have been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with 3 people -who met creating a similar partnership. Paul Tulan of Chief Medical Supplies (the largest producer of dialysis solution in Canada) and Dr. Merle and Barb Olson of Chief and creators of Alberta Vet Labs- the second largest producer of...

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