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Gotta love spring time allergies!

After a long and cold winter, I suspect that most people are looking forward to the snow melting, flowers blooming and grass turning green - that is unless you are an allergy sufferer! It is estimated that 30% of the general population will experience allergies - nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy/ watery eyes and even more serious problems like asthma and chronic sinus disease. The most effective management option - but often least practical- is avoidance. If you can avoid what you're allergic too, you won't react. Unfortunately for most people this is not realistic.  Physicians often prescribe nasal steroids to reduce the nasal symptoms that come with allergies. Nasal steroids are safe and effective for both short and long...

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Improving compliance with convenience

Over the course of my career, I have literally written tens of thousands of prescriptions for medications to be added into a nasal rinse. Not only does using a nasal rinse get the medications deeper into the sinus cavities (as like an aerosol nasal mist, nasal steroids sprays rarely get beyond the front of the nose) but is takes a step out of treatment - no need to use a spray and a rinse. This approach has helped keep countless people out of the operating room, improving control of their nasal and sinus disease and symptoms. Most commonly, doctors will prescribe a corticosteroid into the nasal rinse to reduce inflammation. A study that completed at the University of Calgary showed that...

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It's about breathing clear!

Breathe clear - Live clear. This is the slogan I created for Rhinoclear when I started this company. When not "breathe better, live better? Well, a lot of things will help you to breathe better. Decongestants, for example, are hard to beat. Surgery? Definitely, along with countless other medications. So why "Breathe clear"?  For me, breathing clear means that we are breathing without even thinking about it. Imagine you're breathing when you are standing on the edge of a pristine lake, beach or mountain top and breathing clean, crisp and clear air and knowing you are alive. Breathing free of pollutants, smoke, dust, allergens - basically anything that we encounter in our daily lives. That's why breathing clear is so...

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