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New rinse bottle design and tip on the way!

As I am always striving to improve the care I provide to patients and the quality and effectiveness of Rhinoclear, after several months of use and feedback from patients and customers, I am pleased to announce that the rinse bottle and tip have been modified to improve its function! The tip of the spout has been made 20% larger to improve the seal on the nostril (I too noticed some excess flow back when rinsing) and half of the grooves have been removed to improve the bottles ability to "spring back" after being squeezed. Even after a few uses I have noticed that the rinse flows better through the nose and empties even better than before! For those of you adding medications like...

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No cure for chronic sinusitis- but there is relief!

Many of the people that I see in my office are surprised when I tell them that there is no cure for chronic sinusitis. The word "chronic" means just that - it's never going away! Chronic rhinosinusitis is a term to describe a condition that affects upwards of 15-20% of the general population and is a chronic inflammatory condition which involves the lining of the nose and sinuses. Once the tissue becomes inflamed, people experience nasal congestion, thick and often coloured nasal mucous and reduced or loss of sense of smell. People will often describe facial pressure or congestion (which has many causes) that is often related to poor, non-restorative sleep caused by poor nasal breathing. There are many causes...

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Gotta love spring time allergies!

After a long and cold winter, I suspect that most people are looking forward to the snow melting, flowers blooming and grass turning green - that is unless you are an allergy sufferer! It is estimated that 30% of the general population will experience allergies - nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy/ watery eyes and even more serious problems like asthma and chronic sinus disease. The most effective management option - but often least practical- is avoidance. If you can avoid what you're allergic too, you won't react. Unfortunately for most people this is not realistic.  Physicians often prescribe nasal steroids to reduce the nasal symptoms that come with allergies. Nasal steroids are safe and effective for both short and long...

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Improving compliance with convenience

Over the course of my career, I have literally written tens of thousands of prescriptions for medications to be added into a nasal rinse. Not only does using a nasal rinse get the medications deeper into the sinus cavities (as like an aerosol nasal mist, nasal steroids sprays rarely get beyond the front of the nose) but is takes a step out of treatment - no need to use a spray and a rinse. This approach has helped keep countless people out of the operating room, improving control of their nasal and sinus disease and symptoms. Most commonly, doctors will prescribe a corticosteroid into the nasal rinse to reduce inflammation. A study that completed at the University of Calgary showed that...

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