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Why Use a Rhinoclear® Rhinorinse?

Rhinorinse keeps your nose and sinuses healthy by removing dried mucous and environmental irritants, leaving your nasal passages clear so you can breathe easier.

Rhinorinse delivers effective relief from allergies, asthma, nasal and sinus congestion, sinusitis colds, and upper respiratory tract infections. People exposed to dust, smoke, and pollution, living in dry environments, and recovering from nasal and sinus surgery have experienced the benefits of clear nasal passages after using Rhinorinse.

And with no mixing required, Rhinorinse is the most convenient daily solution to improving your nasal and sinus health.

Customizable Relief

While Rhinoclear® Rhinorinse is an effective stand-alone nasal rinse, it is also compatible with other medications your doctor may prescribe, based on your unique condition(s).

Ask your doctor or pharmacists if your other nasal medications can be combined with Rhinorinse® to deliver convenient and customized relief.