Rinse Bottle

Rinse Bottle

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Rhinorinse is a pre-made nasal rinse created to increase the convenience and effectiveness of your nasal health. It has a composition similar to that of ocean water and our body's plasma. Studies have shown Rhinoclear is superior to other saline nasal rinses.

Avoid potential contamination by using tap water or the hassle of boiling water.  

Similar to a neti pot (which has been around for thousands of years) Rhinorinse is pre-made meaning it is ready for pour-and-go use. No mixing is required!

Nasal rinsing is an important part of keeping your nose and sinuses healthy - it's just like mouth wash for the nose. At Rhinoclear, we believe that everyone should rinse their nose daily to help remove dried mucous, irritants and keep the nasal passages clear.

Nasal rinses can be helpful for anyone with the following:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Nasal and sinus congestion
  • Sinusitis
  • Colds and upper respiratory tract infections
  • People exposed to dust, smoke, and pollution
  • Those living in dry environments
  • Those recovering from nasal and sinus surgery


Compared to nasal rinses that are currently available, Rhinoclear offers several advantages:

  1. The solution is pre-made and this reduces the risk of contamination from using tap water in the nasal rinses which can lead to serious infections.
  2. Unlike current nasal rinses that are saline, Rhinorinse is composed of a solution that is more like our body's plasma and has been shown in clinical studies to be better for your nose than saline.
  3. Because the solution is pre-made, people can choose any volume of solution that they want to use for their nasal rinse. This increases the comfort of using the nasal rinse and minimizes the feeling of drowning with less plugging of the ears.


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