About Us

My name is Dr. Brad Mechor. I am an otolaryngologist and my practice at the Calgary Sinus Centre is dedicated to treating the patients with complicated nasal and sinus disease.

Since 2007, I have treated thousands of patients in my practice - everything from nasal tumours to nose bleeds. Patient that I see use a variety of products and treatments – everything from nasal rinses and sprays, oral and nasal steroids, copious amounts of antibiotics and surgeries – often more than once – to try and breathe better. The most common treatment I recommend to patients is the use of a nasal rinse to remove dried mucous, irritants and help clearing the nasal passages. The Netipot was invented over 5000 years ago and made popular by Dr. Oz and Oprah in 2007 and although there are many products available, current nasal rinses are not ideal. That is why 2 years ago, and after having asked thousands of patients to rinse their nose, I set out to create a better nasal rinse.

Over the last 12 years and having seen thousands of patients and struggling to have people use a nasal rinse, I have asked myself “how can I make the rinses more convenient, more effective and have people do them every day?”

For those nasal and sinus sufferers dissatisfied with current inconvenient and somewhat ineffective nasal rinses, I am happy to introduce Rhinoclear that offers a convenient and effective nasal care solution!